Montreal based Pop/R&B duo Flara K have been making a splash since their debut single ‘Offline’ in September of 2018. Having already amassed over 40,000 streams of their debut EP on Spotify, they’ve also headlined Pop Montreal, and opened up for heavy hitters in the R&B scene Zaki Ibrahim and Shay Lia at Canadian Music Week 2019.

The duo have a long music background, having toured through every major city in Canada multiple times over the past decade, having seen the smallest of basement venues, to the main stages of Festival d’Ete.

“An electricity runs between the veins of Montreal duo Flara K.”

An electricity that undoubtedly stems from a love of 90’s R&B, and an absolute obsession for performing live. Flara K is getting ready to release their next single, ‘Patience’ due out February 2020.



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